“Circular fashion” is a term that you’re probably going to hear a lot of from now on. As I mentioned in last week’s post, the fashion industry has begun to embrace the upcycling movement. In some ways, we have the pandemic to thank for this. When things got bad, materials couldn’t be shipped, clothing lines became stale and didn’t make the money they were intended to make and designers became more cost-conscious. This started a global fashion trend!

You can now hear the word “sustainability” being parroted on the worldwide stage. Suddenly, it seems, fashionistas are looking for the hottest upcycle clothing lines to celebrate what is called “circular fashion.”

Fun Fact: Did you know that since circular fashion reduces material waste, it also thereby reduces the number of chemicals, greenhouse gasses, and the amount of water it takes to manufacture these fabrics? It’s true! With so many designers getting on board with the upcycling movement, they aren’t merely reducing tangible waste, but also reducing other harmful and toxic pollutants in our environment as well!

Reinventing old materials and turning them into fresh, new pieces keeps old clothing in circulation instead of creating more pollution in our landfills. Even though popular designers are making a fortune off of this idea, you can do it at home for free!

You know that favorite t-shirt or sweater that you’ve had forever but couldn’t bear to get rid of? Give it a new lease on life! I know people with boxes of old t-shirts that were sentimental from their youth just laying around in the attic.

It’s time to get creative!! Get out your scissors and dust off your sewing machine. You can make anything; handbags, diaper bags, a new dress, or even a comfort blanket from your old clothing! But even then, you’ll likely have scraps…. So… cut them thin and long and start making accessories such as braided (and/or beaded) bracelets, anklets, keychains, or even belts.

Start your own fashion trend for free! Be proud of all you are doing to help our environment while sporting those cool items from your past. There has never been a better time to go retro!!!!

How are you getting creative this week? Comment below with your upcycling projects!

As an adventurous farm girl, I am a creator on a mission to build a better economy. I question our idea of trash and look for new ways to use our resources!