Upcycle” Is The New “Recycle”

Recycling was a huge breakthrough for the environment. Over the years it has cut waste down tremendously by reusing certain elements. But, did you know that you can reuse virtually anything? By creatively reusing items around your home you are cutting down a significant amount of waste, more so than merely recycling.

The Trash to Treasure Industry

Some innovative companies have emerged recently, and they are taking the idea of recycling to a whole new level. By learning more about taking our trash and turning it into valuable items that people want to buy, we can follow in the footsteps of these treasure-making pioneers. It is a brilliant concept that also serves a deep-rooted purpose for our environment and economy.

By using master manipulation, chemicals and components can be changed in order to transform one product into another. For instance, recycled/upcycled products are both made from trash and can be turned into anything. Most recycled items generally tend to go back to serving the same purpose they did before; whereas the upcycled become better or more valued commodities. Old plastics and other garbage can be combined to become much-needed items from awnings to lawn furniture to ceiling panels and even shelves. Due to the level of scientific knowledge and increased technological advances we are able to change the basic elements in order to redefine their purpose and make items that we need and use frequently. These pioneering companies are doing just that.

Recycle or Upcycle: What’s the Difference?

What is the main difference between recycling and upcycling? Well, both are basically changing a product and making something new to use. Plastic bottles, when recycled, go and get melted down into more plastic bottles. Paper and cardboard usually go back to being the same, etc. However, with upcycling, you are turning trash into treasure. In essence, it is taking a piece of garbage and repurposing it to a higher and more efficient use that makes it more valuable than its original intended usage.

How can I Do This in My Home?

We don’t have to send our trash to these big companies to turn it into treasure though. We can do it ourselves for the most part.

  • Plastic bottles can easily be turned into drip irrigation systems. They are now a higher, more needed item that has a lot more “value”, not to mention mileage, that can be used for years to come.
  • Cinder blocks can be transformed into decorative planters to enhance your garden.
  • Old Paint Cans? How about repurposing them for an elegant ice bucket for champagne when entertaining? Or perhaps using them as containers for nails, nuts and bolts in your garage.


So, if you thought recycling was a great idea, you’ll likely fall in love with the “creative reuse” movement that is now taking place all over the world. Explore more avenues to make your throwaways into clever gift ideas or even make money utilizing your trash as a side hustle and sell your unique commodities. People are always looking for those one-of-a-kind novelties. Just think, your trash really could be someone’s treasure. The possibilities are endless!