Deadstock fabric is a term used to describe leftover products. Deadstock is material that hasn’t been worn or sold. They are pieces of old fabric that didn’t even make it into the stores and on the shelves.

There are over a hundred billion garments produced each year, some will never see the inside of a store. The UK has reported that they send 300,000 tons of new clothing to the dump each year. Yes, 300,000 tons!

So who are the fashion industry’s upcycle champs using deadstock to create new pieces of clothing while saving us from adding more pollution to our environment? Let’s take a look!!!

“Fabscrap” is amazing! This company is based in Brooklyn. They are collecting fabrics from designers that are throwing them all away and reselling them to designers and artists looking for new material to use! Brilliant!



  • Mulberry X Ahluwalia
  • Ganni X Ahluwalia
  • Zimmermann
  • Levi Strauss

Did you see some of your favorites on the list? Of course, there are others out there that are switching from wasteful practices and are embracing the efficiency of the repurposing movement. I hope we’ll see more of their work in the future!

In my mind, as consumers become more aware of sustainability, there will likely be a rush of designers and companies jumping on board with this global upcycle effort. And why not? Making money from discarded items has never been viewed in such a positive light. It is just another example of turning trash into treasure!

What’s your favorite brand that’s embracing a regenerative mindset and turning trash into treasure? Comment below! :)

As an adventurous farm girl, I am a creator on a mission to build a better economy. I question our idea of trash and look for new ways to use our resources!