Back to School Upcycle Hacks

Yep, summer is gone, it’s a new school year! Some of you are excited… others, not so much! But hey, there are a few great ways to use some easy DIY upcycle techniques to stay organized! Let’s get creative!

Let’s face it, we are all at the mercy of our machines, right? That means we all have cords laying around for different devices. We also use toilet paper and what better way to get all of those cords organized? I got so tired of the electric spaghetti at my house that I did the same thing! Decorate the tubes anyway you’d like and keep those cords from getting lost, tangled, or damaged!

Space is a huge issue in dorms. You might feel cramped like you don’t have enough space. This is especially true for your closet!

Well, how about this? Simply take the tabs from your energy drinks, pop or beer, slide them over the hanger… Presto! You can keep adding more hangers to each one that you have! You have just doubled, or tripled, your closet space!

Every dorm needs a study space. However, it can be difficult to keep your items where you can find them. Instead of piling everything in your desk drawers, why not create a wall for your items? You know those old jeans that don’t fit anymore and are taking up space? Simply take the pockets and sew them onto an old piece of fabric. You can either mount it to a wooden board or simply affix it directly to the wall.

But, you don’t have to stop there. Imagine all of the cool things you can put into these handy wall hangings! Your favorite accessories, hide petty cash, makeup… you get the picture. Pretty much anything you want! The best part is that it saves you space. And let’s face it — no one likes living in a tiny room that is cluttered.

You have enough to worry about, like keeping up those grades and preparing for a future. This year, let upcycling help you get organized!

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